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Deposit 200 USDT
and earn 11 PRX

The simple, intuitive and powerful app that supports all modern devices and platforms.Parex is a decentralized exchange. It also has a token that can only exist through the mining production mechanism. It was created on the myDexChain network with the DRC-16 protocol.

Campaign Conditions

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Campaign Conditions
  • The campaign is valid for those who deposit at least 200 usdt for 1 week and for new accounts.
  • A deposit of 200 USDT must be made between 25.10.2021 and 31.10.2021.
  • Progress payment calculations will take place between 31.10.2021 and 07.11.2021.
  • Traders must ensure that they have a minimum net deposit in their account by 8 November 2021 to receive their bonus.
  • You can perform transactions with your balances during the campaign period.
  • Accounts that fulfill all requirements will receive a total of 11 PRX rewards.
  • The amount of your assets will be recorded as a snapshot every hour.
  • Winners will receive their PRX bonuses to their Parex accounts at the end of 7 working days (08.11.2021) after the campaign end date.
  • USDT transfers made through the DRC-16 network are not eligible for deposit campaign bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn campaign bonuses?

1- Create a new Parex account.
2- Make a deposit of 200 USDT.
3- Do not reduce your total assets below 200 USDT until 08 November 2021.

Can I participate in the campaign with a different crypto asset other than USDT?

No, you only need to deposit with USDT to qualify for the deposit campaign bonuses. You can also deposit on Parex exchange with different crypto assets. However, deposits other than USDT cannot benefit from the campaign.

Can I deposit more than the minimum amount? Do I get more bonuses if I do?

You can deposit any amount you want. However, the qualifying limit for campaign bonuses is 200 USDT.

What if my total assets from in-app transactions go below 200 USDT?

Every hour Parex will automatically record your asset amount as a snapshot. Your total assets should not fall below 200 USDT. Accounts whose total assets fall below 200 USDT during the campaign period cannot receive bonus rewards.

When can I get my USDT bonus?

1- When a new Parex account is created, 1 PRX will be instantly added to the passbook.
2- After the end of the campaign, Parex will check the snapshots of all new accounts registered during the campaign. If you qualify for the bonus, your trading bonus "10 PRX" will be added to your Parex account on 08 November 2021.

Statement of Responsibility

Parex reserves the right to disqualify trades that are considered to be volume-boosting fraudulent trading activity and show signs of market manipulation, bulk account registrations to obtain more bonuses, or other fraudulent attempts.

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